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Wage War - Low (Official Music Video)

By Fearless Records, On 9 Jan 2019

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    Durasi: 3.49 | View: 1.066.386
    Source: YouTube.com/watch?v=t2d3EDNDCn8

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    Wage War - Low

    iTunes: http://found.ee/wwlow
    Apple Music: http://found.ee/wwlowam
    Spotify: http://found.ee/wwlowsp
    Amazon Music: http://found.ee/wwlowamz
    Google Play: http://found.ee/wwlowgp

    Video by: Orie McGinness

    Produced by Jeremy McKinnon
    Engineering by Andrew Wade
    Additional engineering, mixing & mastering by Mark Lewis.

    I’m afraid
    Of the things I don’t say
    The thoughts in my head that keep me tossing, turning, lying awake
    Don’t keep on telling me that I’m gonna pull through
    When you don’t know low like I do

    I’ve been running away again
    Chasing after all the battles I can never win
    I don’t think that I can take much more it
    It feels like I’ve lost it all
    Who will save me when I can’t save myself

    Hard to think
    We were born to live this way
    Burning bridges, ripping stitches out to drown the pain
    Bleed me out, run my dry watch the hammer fall
    Let the river run and bury me beneath it all
    Bury me

    Searching for answers
    A cure for this cancer
    It’s all in my head
    I’m one step from the edge

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