Live Nation and Jay-Z

With the lost of CD sales Jay-Z negotiated a 360 deal with Michael Rapino and John Malone of Live Nation in 2008; he negotiated for a cash advance of $150 million that would make Live Nation his partner and they … Continue reading

Are You An Independent Artist

If you are an artist you need to know the value of being Independent and learn to run your career as a business. I like to introduce you to  Independent Artistry where you will learn 10 Skills an artist needs to … Continue reading

Intellectual property

Today I want to touch on Intellectual property this is my take on it. People who create and invent ideas need to know about intellectural property protection and the intellectual property office is where you can find out about these protections. … Continue reading

Beat Tape is Here

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a Beat Tape to bring value to Rappers and Vocalists who are looking to take their music to the next level. I am offering 70’s Style Hip Hop Beats Vol … Continue reading

Business Plan Development

My original goal for this course was to learn how to create a great business plan by reading the EBook “Successful Business Plan – Secrets and Strategies by Rhonda Abrams” and watching the video “Nine steps to developing a business … Continue reading

Tips for Mastering You Songs

I have been a longtime admirer of Dave Pensado and have watched his many videos on mixing, also I have listened to his many interviews with top Grammy award-winning producers. Dave offers great insight into the world of audio mixing. … Continue reading

The Future of Licensing Your Music

  Before you lament all of the changes or fear the demise of the traditional business, hold onto your hat because the future of licensing looks bright. The opportunities for artists to get their songs placed on other outlets such … Continue reading

Revenue Streams For Music Creators

In this changing music landscape people who create need to learn about the multiple ways to capitalize on the talent, and what revenue streams are available for them to do so. Because if you want to earn an income from … Continue reading

Jingle Punks

  The music licensing industry has gone through major changes in the last decade and Jingle Punks has risen to the top of the game, since 2008 the company has seen profitable gains s (Robehmed, N. 2013, August 6). Once … Continue reading

Business Storytelling and Brand Development.

  I will describe how my Business Storytelling and Brand Development class has open my eyes about building my brand in my Mastery journey, and how I gained understanding of brand management. Throughout this class I have learn the importance … Continue reading