Intellectual property

Today I want to touch on Intellectual property this is my take on it.

People who create and invent ideas need to know about intellectural property protection and the intellectual property office is where you can find out about these protections. To appreciate the value of Intellectual Property within the entertainment industry you need to stop by the intellectual property office website located at where you can find information on the different types of intellectual property. There are four types of intellectual property.

  • Patents that protect the things you make and what makes them work like what makes a wheel turn or a chemical formula,
  • Trade marks words and logos,
  • Designs that protects your product or logo, to the shape of an airplane or fashion item,
  • Copyright, which is your automatic right that applies when you have written or recorded anything.

In a news article on the Obama campaign is suing a that sells T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons for using their “O” logo making the claim that they are infringing on their trademark and wants the courts to stop them from selling items that uses two of their logos, and the sale of these items is harmful and competes with their merchandise being sold on the campaign website.

The owner of Demstore claims that thousands of companies are making similar products and they never had a problem before and that they have been doing business and providing many of the democrats with political materials for a long time and they rely on Demstore because their prices are more reasonable than Obama’s official store.

The question is do they Demstore have the right to sell items that are protected by Trademark? I would say that they don’t have a right without getting permission first, but the only reason I can see why the Obama campaign would want them to stop selling items with their trademark logos would be because they want all the monies from any sales. If the logos were not protected then Demstore should have the right to make products using the logos.

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