Business Plan Development

My original goal for this course was to learn how to create a great business plan by reading the EBook “Successful Business Plan – Secrets and Strategies by Rhonda Abrams” and watching the video “Nine steps to developing a business plan” on and attending all of the seminars go to sessions for business plan development class. I thought that this will be easy, but I learned so much more than expected because the course went beyond what I expected. The course met the goal by helping me to understand what investors are looking for when they look at the business plan.

My insight for the course was that I will learn how to structure my business plan using the skills I learned in life, but the outcome has changed how I perceive what goes into planning a great business plan and what items needs to be address in putting it all together, as Mr. Burhoe explained I am working for the company even though it is my company, so I must treat it as a separate entity and I must become the employee and the owner.

Throughout the course I learned to look at all the possible outcomes my business plan will achieve in helping me get investors to understand that their investment in my company will be a good investment, that their money is in good hands and the company will make them a profit.

Personally I learned that it is important that I stay focus on the details when writing a business plan, and I learned how to apply the materials from the course to my personal and professional life. I have learned that much of what I need to run a successful business starts with my business plan and if the plan is shaky then so will my business. The materials from this course have helped me in so many ways and I will apply what I have learned in my personal and professional life.

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