Business Storytelling and Brand Development.



I will describe how my Business Storytelling and Brand Development class has open my eyes about building my brand in my Mastery journey, and how I gained understanding of brand management.

Throughout this class I have learn the importance of the brand and how it helps my company to be successful, also about how typography and color schemes can make my brand stand out. I never thought much about branding because I was caught up in producing music, through this class I learn that if I want a successful business I need to brand it.

I was never big on researching because I figured that only big companies need to do research, but I have learn that research is an important element for building a business. Researching about my competitors and how they market their companies has helped me with my vision for my company in developing my brand, through the materials and class sessions I was given the tools needed to build a strong brand. Using the Brand Identity Prism I learned that the principal steps to guaranteeing a reliable and lasting brand is shared values & community with noble purpose and a strong rallying cry, and personality.

The Business Storytelling and Brand Development class has really given me knowledge of what tools I will need to build a successful brand and Mr. DeGilio has been very helpful with his advice and online class sessions. I believe that by the end of my Mastery journey I will have build a brand for my company that I can be proud of and I know that the vision I have had in my head will become a reality. This has been a very rewarding and useful class and I have learn so much about branding that I will be able to help others to build a strong brand.

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