Product and artist management

Today I would like to revisit a post I did for my class Product and artist management in my Masters Degree program.

I am reviewing Artist and Product Management by Japheth Campell from the website 360 digital artist. In this article Mr. Campell discusses the differences between Artist and product management and how they rely on each other for the success of the artist career. How it is the manager’s responsibility to integrate the artist and products on behalf of the artist. It is also important that a manager designs a career plan for the artist before any sources of revenue are attempted, this way the artist had connected with his/her fan base building awareness for the brand before trying to turn them into customers.


According to the article taking a creative inventory will help identify the artist abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and see if the artist has an appealing appearance that is marketable; are they the total image package? After the creative inventory a manager can start to map out the career path and seek to develop and market the artist by having an online presence to retain current fans and make new ones. It is also important that a good manager knows how to manage a product and understands the target audience, and to talk to the fans to find out what they want.

In Ian’s article he make mention of a few good resources for the aspiring artist and product manager, The Product Manager’s Field Guide: Practical Tools, Exercises, and Resources for Improved Product Management and This Business of Artist Management by Jr. Xavier M. Frascogna, H. Lee Hetherington both very good resources for anyone interested in artist and product management. I have found this article to be of great importance to me in my efforts to become a very good manager in the music industry and the resources are a mainstay on my bookshelf and I read them to help me be a better manager.



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